Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hitler... Not a bad guy after all?

        Everyone knows Hitler was the worst of all dictators ever. He heartlessly killed 6 to 11 million Jewish and other people. Luckily nothing like that has ever happened in America...

Oh, wait.

What is Reality?

When someone pinches you, how do you know you feel it?

Because your brain gets impulses from your arm, telling you to feel pain.

But... what if they were fake?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


          Lust is an interesting thing. It attracts us to the opposite sex. Up until the invention of online dating, all people first met in person. What made you "fall-in-love" with the person, or at least attracted you enough to talk to them, is looks. Rarely would one think, "I bet that girl has an amazing personality- I should go talk to her!" No, nature (or God) had to find a way to program our brains to find others attractive- or else we'd never mate and reproduce, and the human species would end.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Am I insane?

I often ask myself; Am I insane? I come up with several reasons I believe so, but then I realize, insane people don't realize their insanity.

Which calms my mind, letting me rest in the fact that I'm not insane.

But... If I know I'm not insane... that means I no longer question my sanity...

Does that mean I AM insane?

But then...

Ah well, fuck it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Green is what I work for.
Green makes the world go round.
Green can make me happy.
A good gram is 20.
Sometimes 10.
Sometimes 5.
Sometimes as much as 50.
But no matter how much, green is green.
Everyone uses it, no matter what they say.
You do, I do, Obama does, damn near erry day.
Even innocent little gram-gram does.
Green, in all its glory, I must admit, is the root of all evil.
It's the cause of problems.
The downfall of nations.
The devil on earth.
A rich man doesn't care about it,
but even the littlest amount, a beggar can appreciate.
Upon first seeing green,
Some like to smell it.
Some like to hold it in the light and examine.
Some may even like to taste.
Green makes you hungry, ready to feed,
And that kids, is why you must heed,
When you deal with the "drug" we call... Money.

Don't make it easy...

Don't make it easy...
What is life when you cannot ~breathe?~
And the only thing that keeps ~me~
From fuckin' shit up, its rainbows
OVER the fuckin' sea where no grass grows.
We're proud of how far we've come,
But what about that lonely, lonely one?
Do you think? touch? feel? see?                    
What is life when you cannot breathe?


Look at time.
On it flies.
And never tells lies.
Even past when we all die.
Its only a matter of time,
before we all die,
and oh boy will it fly.
And do you know why?
Cause time don't give a fuck.