Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fuck it.

"Fuck it."
I wish people just knew how to say "fuck it." more often.
Someone's talking behind your back? Fuck it. Who cares?

Someone ditches you. Why get mad at them? You're still going to be their friend afterword. Just save the time and save yourself the time of being pissed. Fuck it.

Your significant other forgot your birthday. You really gonna break up with him/her over that shit? No? Then stop being pissy and fuck it.

As humans, we dwell too long on the past. If someone fucks you over, why bother even getting mad when you know you're going to forgive them?


  1. Well if you don't show any emotion then the other person won't know that they did something to upset you. And then it will continuously keep happening. You have to speak up if you don't want to be walked all over.

  2. I may need to elaborate more. I'm not saying let someone walk over you- let them know they upset you and move on.

    I was trying to get the point across not to dwell on things. Being mad is unavoidable, but you don't need to stay angry, it just wastes time that the two people could spend together being happy.

    I almost guess I am stressing the importance of forgiveness.

  3. Now that I really agree with. I once heard "If you forgive someone for something in the past then you shouldn't bring it up in a future argument".