Thursday, July 19, 2012


               They say tithes are necessary in order to have a relationship with Christ. This is something else I don't agree with- if a friend required me to pay him in order to preserve our friendship, the general consensus would come to the fact he is not a good friend. But, after all, God is God, so  it is alright to pay him.
                Let me clarify- I understand the want to donate to your church or religious organization. I do. But when they start asking, nay demanding, for money, they have crossed the line. Not even can a church admit they need money, but "God" needs it.

               A sermon I saw one week was over the fact of the importance of going to church. He said that Christians needed a place to get together with one another. Simple enough, but he followed that with the threat that our salvation depended on our attendance at church. I'm sure this isn't the only church with that policy. Why was he so upfront about it? Why can't I pray and read the bible at home?         
                He stated that in order to be a God-loving Christian, it was vitally necessary to attend church. Let's think about what going to church entails: Go to the physical place, have a seat, sing songs, pay tithes, read the bible, then listen to the pastor interpret it, take communion, and head on home. Besides the traveling, there is only one thing that you would not do at home if you wished to praise God in your place of choosing. You can easily sing and read the bible, or, if you are young, have an elder interpret it for you. You can even take communion at home! It's just crackers and cranberry juice. The only difference? If you held mass at your house, the church would be getting no money.
                "But!" you may say, "the church is a holy place!" My question- what makes it so? God built the Earth, God blesses my home, so God is present with me when I decide to do my home-worship. That is, if you choose to do so. The only reason the modern day church says your salvation depends on attendance is to keep you (and your money) coming. This thought rationale made me start to reject organized religion.

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