Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heaven vs. Hell

(I am an agnostic-atheist. I'm not trying to convert you to Satan's side or whatnot, just think about this.)

So... the bible says God is the most supreme being in the universe.

Says... who?

The book that God, himself, wrote?

There is a quote. Forgot exactly what it said (if you can link to it in comments please do), but basically, "I don't believe there is a God. But, if I get to Heaven, and there is a God, and he places more value over faith than good works, that is not the type of God I want to follow anyway."

This quote makes sense on so many levels. For one, it's the perfect thing to say to Christians who are up in your face about going to hell. Two, it brings up the fact that is actually okay to go against "God".

We all view God as the biggest, baddest, most powerful being ever. But... what if he is not? Lucifer was God's right-hand man. Being that close to God, Lucifer must have seen some sort of weakness in God, to make him believe that he could defeat him. If you are a human, and you see a bear, you're not gonna try to fuck with it. Why? Cause you know you can't win. But there was something that Lucifer saw in God that made him believe he could overtake him.

And you know how the saying goes, "The winners write history."

But... why go against God? Look at the world. If you think "he" really gives a shit, double check yourself. I'm   not saying he's dead, I'm just saying we have the whole view on God wrong. We see him as a rightly, just, supreme God (once again, if he exists at all).

Have you ever squashed a bug because it was bothering you? Have you ever squashed a bug in general for just enjoyment? Now, let me ask you again. Why is there so much hate and pain in this world? Because if a god exists, he gets some sort of amusement from watching it.

And I can't blame him.


  1. muthafucka.

    the result of bullshit religious conversations at this certain spot we visited often . . .

    I definitely feel you with the almighty being thing. I feel like the bible contradicts itself - saying he's all-powerful and merciful but ALSO the devil tempts us and baby's die? can't have it both ways. .

    personal opinion: if existent, god is a force, the natural and spiritual laws that govern the universe.

  2. But that wouldn't really make it a god though? You think?

  3. Lucifer decided to go against god, not because he saw a flaw in him but because there was a flaw in himself. He was jealous. After all the wrong humans had done all the killing and the fighting God choose to forgive us, Lucifer wanted us dead he despised us for the love God had for us that's why he wanted to turn him over, to end us not because he something in God that we didn't. And the reason there is so much evil on this world of ours is because we created it. god gave us the choice to do to believe and to do whatever we wanted including all the bad we do.