Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hitler... Not a bad guy after all?

        Everyone knows Hitler was the worst of all dictators ever. He heartlessly killed 6 to 11 million Jewish and other people. Luckily nothing like that has ever happened in America...

Oh, wait.

          The Americans killed over 100 million Native Americans from 1492 to 1890. Screw Hitler's little reign and death toll, the American's genocide lasted 30 times as long and killed over 10 times the amount of men, women, and children.

          Now, I am not saying that Hitler was a great man. I am not a neo-Nazi. I just believe that everyone should look at the fair side of everything. He honestly believed what he was doing was right, and was necessary for the future of mankind. The means may have been dramatic and morbid, but he was trying to make the human race better.

           The first Americans only wanted gold and land.

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