Thursday, July 12, 2012

Iron Man - Black Sabbath

Sure, Iron Man is a fucking awesome song, but quick question:

What the fuck is it about?

The song is actually about a man who "traveled through time, for the future of mankind", and sees a monster who is killing off the entire human race, with "heavy boots of lead , [he] fills his victims full of dread" while they are "running as fast as they can."

When returning to his present, "he [is] turned to steel, in the great magnetic field", and tries to tell everyone, or, "the people he [tried to] save", about the impending apocalypse, but everyone thinks "he [has]lost his mind".

He went mute, and couldn't move, causing people to wonder if "he is alive or dead, has he thoughts within his head" and "we'll just pass him there, why should we even care?"

He eventually gets angry cause "nobody wants him, [and] he just stares at the world, planing his vengeance, that he soon will unfold." He gets so angry to reek "vengance from the grave, killing people he once saved".

So, he turned into the creature he was trying to warn everybody about.

Mind. Blown.

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