Wednesday, July 25, 2012


          Lust is an interesting thing. It attracts us to the opposite sex. Up until the invention of online dating, all people first met in person. What made you "fall-in-love" with the person, or at least attracted you enough to talk to them, is looks. Rarely would one think, "I bet that girl has an amazing personality- I should go talk to her!" No, nature (or God) had to find a way to program our brains to find others attractive- or else we'd never mate and reproduce, and the human species would end.

                Lust is the feeling of attraction to any person who is not your spouse. Sound familiar? We are all guilty of it. According to the church, every time you think of a person in a sexual way (even just acknowledging their good looks subconsciously), you are committing a sin.
                Why would the church make lust a sin?* It's easy, and goes back to their greed. The church knew lust was something that no man could overcome. By making them feel guilty, the church knew that men would continue to come to them, and with them, money. Even nature's most prominent feeling, the church exploited. As long as a person feels he needs to apologize to look better in the eyes of God, he will continue going to church.
                Priest spend their whole lives studying the Bible, and with God. Then why are there so many reports of homosexual pedophilia by them? I'm in no way accusing the church of fault. I realize there are other child molesters, not associated by any particular religion. Also, I understand the fact that God gave men free will. I just am questioning why God would let such a man (one with those thoughts) be that close to Him.  How can God let a man of God do such an act? Remember, man was made in God's image. Did God give us an insatiable sex drive? Or did we evolve it? Either way contradicts the Bible.

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