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Hello, Jason Arrowood here.
Sexy. Soooo sexy.

On this blog, your mind will be blown, your mind will be opened, and, if you're lucky, you  may cream your jeans.

About me:
21 years old. I believe I have a rather unique look on the world.

To keep things simple, I am an atheist. I may go deeper into this in a later post.

I don't believe that my political viewpoint can be classified into a simple category.
  • Keep the government out of all things they don't NEED to be a part of.
  • Fuck other countries, fix our shit first.
  • Fuck animals, they're animals.
  • Fuck poor people. If you want to give, do so. But don't take my paycheck.
  • Legalize weed, and many more drugs.
  • Free economy.
  • Pro-gay and pro-choice.
I know many object to the way I see things, but instead of calling me a dumbass, I am ALWAYS more than happy to have a scholarly debate on any subject, as long as you can keep it that way too.

I will respect your point of view no matter what it is.

(Well, as long as its not ignorant.)

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